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AWM Trailblazer & Awards of Excellence 2020

April 30, 2020
5:00 PM to 11:00 PM
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Westin at the Domain
11301 Domain Dr
Austin, TX 78758
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The Virtual Show Will Go On!

Due to the recent mandates regarding the Coronavirus (COVID-19), AWM agrees that everyone’s health and well-being is the
utmost priority right now.  At the same time, we believe strongly
in recognizing all of those within our media community who have
been nominated for this year’s Excellence in Media Awards.

The good news is instead of canceling or postponing this year’s event, technology will allow us to still be able to showcase our winners while doing our part to “flatten the curve”. Beginning Monday April 20thplease join our hosts 101X’s CJ Morgan and Mix 94.7’s Alex Franco for daily Facebook Videos at AWMFACEBOOK

We will kick off our virtual event by awarding $5,000 to our
Scholarship recipient. Each weekday at 2pm CJ and Alex
will announce nominees and the winners of each category.
We will conclude on Monday April 30th with our
2020 Trailblazer, Agnes Fuccello.

While it’s not how we planned, we are pleased to offer this platform to honor all of these individuals. All current sponsorships and ticket sales will be honored for the Trailblazer & Excellence in Media Awards Gala 2021.

Thank you all for your understanding.

Please take care and reach out with any questions.​


Category Finalist
Local Agency  Frank Erwin Center
  KSM South
  One Voice Communications
  The Davis Group
Local Agency Marketing & Promotions Employee  Kaitlin Bouzek-Austin City Limits/3TEN ACL Live
  Melissa Bagan- Danny Reed Advertising
  Sara Bryant- Studio
  Taylor Rogers - KSM South
Local Agency Buyer/Planner  Lonnie Summers-One Voice Communicatoins
  Melissa Bagan- Danny Reed Advertising
  AshLee Bilbo - KSM South
  Elyssa Garza- Frank Erwin Center
Local Agency Media Director/Manager Anna Wong- Frank Erwin Center
  Caleb Pinkerton - KSM South
  Landon Sims- Danny Reed Advertising
  Sarah Figueroa- The Davis Group
  Lora Funderburk
 Local Agency Support Staff  Dennis Coleman- Danny Reed Advertising
  Tara Williams- KSM South
  Madison Green- Frank Erwin Center
  Liz Rubio- Studio
 Local Agency Production Staff  Melissa Taylor- Frank Erwin Center
  Landon Sims- Danny Reed Advertising
  Steve Puig - One Voice Communications
  Kelly Grant- GSDM
 Local Agency Rookie * Amy Moore - One Voice Communications
  Beatriz Castillo- Avalanche Media Group
  Karley White/KSM South
  Kendall Heath- GSDM
 Local Agency Unsung Hero Adriene Tanamachi- Frank Erwin Center
  Kate Reed- Danny Reed Advertising
  Kaleigh Gutierrez - KSM South
  Jennifer Cooper- Studio
 Digital Sales Manager  Andrea Vick- Statesman/LOCALiQ
  Casey Young- iHeartMedia
  Cassidy Frazier - Austin Chronicle
  Daniel Sahl- Waterloo Media
  Eastan Croson- Spectrum Reach
 Digital AE  Kaleigh Gutierrez - KSM South
  Christy Dedear- Waterloo Media
  Monica Ceniceros-CBS & Telemundo Austin
  Catherine Clark- Univision
  Kyle Speckman- Pandora
 Digital Rookie* Emily Burns, Austin Chronicle
  Eric Guerrero- Waterloo Media
  Heather Lonsdale- Spectrum Reach
  Morgan Wright- Statesman/LOCALiQ
 Digital Support Staff  Daniel Karpin- Waterloo Media
  Kristine Tofte- KXAN
  Erin Brantley- iHeartMedia
  Jordan Pordash- Spectrum Reach
  Donny Wong- Fox7
 Digital Production Staff  Ariana Quiroz- Waterloo Media
  Viviana Castaneda- Waterloo Media
  Veronica Fonseca- Univision
  Erin Brantley- iHeartMedia
 Digital Unsung Hero Dylan Childs- Waterloo Media
  Lindsey Hollander- Spectrum Reach
  Lauren Cooley- iHeartMedia
  Veronica Fonseca- Univision
  Kristine Tofte- KXAN
 Television Marketing & Promotions Employee  Mario Portillo- Spectrum Reach
  Bryant Alvarez- KVUE
  Miriam Ortega-CBS & Telemundo Austin
  Daisy Yeates- KVUE
 Television Sales Manager  Bryan Hastings- KXAN
  Byron Wilkinson- KVUE
  Sean Lervaag- Spectrum Reach
  Karla Barreto- Univision
 Television On-Air Personality  Albert Ramon- KVUE
  Jim Spencer- KXAN
  David Yeomans- KXAN
  Burton Fitsimmons- Spectrum Reach
  Lorena Placencia-CBS & Telemundo Austin
 Television AE  Melanie Cottier- KVUE
  Kelly Mayorga- Univision
  Katie Bourgeois- Spectrum Reach
  Christie Humphries- Fox7
 Television Rookie* Diana Garcia- Univision
  Keith Grandolph- Univision
  Lauren Indian Hinojosa- KVUE
  Shirley Smith- Spectrum Reach
 Television Traffic Dept Employee  Tanya Clemmons- KVUE
  Brett Erickson- Spectrum Reach
  Bianca Angoori-CBS & Telemundo Austin
  Pam Moore- Fox7
 Television Support Staff  Morgan Cockrell- KVUE
  Brian Diseker- Spectrum Reach
  Aimee Rivas- KVUE
  Melanie Pena-CBS & Telemundo Austin
 Television Production Staff  Budro Partida-CBS & Telemundo Austin
  Sergio Acosta-CBS & Telemundo Austin
  Rob Chamness- KVUE
  Bryant Alvarez- KVUE
  Dax Dobbs - KXAN
 Television Unsung Hero Dianna Durham- Spectrum Reach
  Jennifer Serrano- KVUE
  Jim Spencer - KXAN
  Bonnie Buckley- KXAN
  Anne Nicholson-CBS & Telemundo Austin
 Radio Marketing & Promotions Employee  Abby Haynie- iHeartMedia
  Melissa Alvarez- Waterloo Media
  Kristin Caldwell- iHeartMedia
  Horacio Mata Zuniga- Univision
  Kristina Killingsworth- ARN
 Radio Sales Manager  Brooke Gallagher- Waterloo Media
  Steve Sherrill- iHeartMedia
  Brian Benschoter, KUT/X
  Karla Barreto- Univision
  Bob Woche-Entercom
 Radio On-Air Personality  Jason & Deb- KROX/Waterloo Media
  Booker, Alex and Sara - Entercom/Mix 94.7
  Anne Hudson- iHeartMedia
  Amy Edwards- Austin360Radio
  Clauda Talamantez- Univision
  Todd & Donn- NewsRadio KLBJ/ Waterloo Media
 Radio AE  Dave Sonefeld- iHeartMedia
  Alison Thiemer- Waterloo Media
  Brandon Chezbro- Waterloo Media
  Amber Rebold- Austin360Radio
  Julianne Phillipp- Texas Student Media
 Radio Rookie* Sara Huerta- Waterloo Media
  Amber Rebold- Austin360Radio
  Diana Garcia- Univision
  "Gossip" Greg Hill- iHeartMedia
  Taylor Simental- iHeartMedia
 RadioTraffic Dept Employee  Regina Massie- Waterloo Media
  Suzanne Munoz- iHeartMedia
  Brandi Vineyard - KUT/X
  Andrea Stecher- Univision
  Holly Walsh- iHeartMedia
  Jere Hammel- Entercom
 Radio Support Staff  Areli Ibarra- Waterloo Media
  Leah Woodard- iHeartMedia
  Ronda Jones- iHeartMedia
  Chandler Hoefle- Austin360Radio
  Deena Blake- ARN
 Radio Production Staff  Brian Vitellaro- iHeartMedia
  Candace Andrews- Waterloo Media
  Agustin Alvarado- Waterloo Media
  Chandler Hoefle- Austin360Radio
  Casey Cheek - KUT
  Mac McClennaham- CRISTA Media
 Radio Unsung Hero Rosa Soto- Waterloo Media
  Debi McMichael- iHeartMedia
  Blanca Gaytan- Univision
  Chandler Hoefle- Austin360Radio
  Kristina Killingsworth- ARN
 Local Instagrammer  CJ Morgan- Waterloo Media
  Trevor Harper-CBS & Telemundo Austin
  Rebecca Flores- KVUE
  Billy the Kidd- iHeartMedia
  Emily Giangreco- KVUE
 Local YouTuber  CJ Morgan- Waterloo Media
  Granger Smith
  Morgan Cockrell/Nick Dyar:  Cube Talks
 Local Podcast Rodney Reed - KVUE Texas Crime Files
  I love you so much- Austin360
  Jason & Deb- Waterloo Media
  Dudley & Bob w/Matt - Waterloo Media
 Local Vlogger  CJ Morgan- Waterloo Media
  Emily Giangreco- KVUE
  Granger Smith- iHeartMedia
  Amy Edwards- Austin360
 Local Influencer  CJ Morgan- Waterloo Media
  Kristie Gonzales - KVUE
  Taylor Ellison-CBS & Telemundo Austin
  Bobby Bones- iHeartMedia
 Print Marketing & Promotions Employee  Emily Burns, Austin Chronicle
  Jessica White- Community Impact
  Tillie Policastro- Texas Student Media
  Sara Bryant- Statesman Media
 Print Sales Manager  Emily Cohen- Texas Student Media
  Andrea Vick- Statesman/LOCALiQ
  Cassidy Frazier, Austin Chronicle
  Deeda Lovett- Community Impact
 Print AE  Gloria Williamson, Austin Chronicle
  Diane Byram- Texas Student Media
  Marisa Mirabal, Austin Chronicle
  Dylan Sherrod- Statesman/LOCALiQ
 Print Rookie * Chaney Barton- Community Impact
  Emily Burns, Austin Chronicle
  Emma Rice-Tanner- Statesman/LOCALiQ
  Morgan Wright- Statesman/LOCALiQ
 Print Support Staff  Janie Castillo-Flores- Texas Student Media
  Jessica White- Community Impact
  Sean Foster- Statesman/LOCALiQ
  Trace Thurman, Austin Chronicle
 Print Production Staff  Michael Gammon- Texas Student Media
  Ruben Castillo- Statesman/LOCALiQ
  Wendy Udave- Statesman/LOCALiQ
  Zeke Barbaro, Austin Chronicle
 Print Unsung Hero Carrie Young, Austin Chronicle
  Jill Ackerman- Statesman/LOCALiQ
  Michael Obershan- Statesman/LOCALiQ
  Peter Chen- Texas Student Media
 Local Journalist  Tony Plohetski- Statesman/LOCALiQ
  Addie Broyles- Statesman/LOCALiQ
  Melanie Torre-CBS & Telemundo Austin
  David Brown, KUT
  Spencer Buckner- The Daily Texan
 OOH Sales Manager  Cathy Hentschel - Lamar Advertising
  Karen Goumakous - Reagan Outdoor
 OOH AE  Brennan Ryan - Reagan Outdoor Adv
  Christian Craft - Reagan Outdoor Adv
  Gregg Speichinger - Reagan Outdoor Adv
  Rick Hart - Reagan Outdoor Adv
 OOH Rookie  Christopher Granja - Reagan Outdoor Adv
  Matthew Noblitt - Reagan Outdoor Adv
  Marylee Rudisill - Reagan Outdoor Adv
 OOH Support Staff  Amanda Quangvan - Reagan Outdoor Adv
  Emily Nero - Reagain Outdoor Adv
  Jessica Evans - Reagan Outdoor Adv
 OOH Production Staff  Morgan Kemper - Reagan Outdoor Adv
  Brandie Sutton - Lamar Advertising
 OOH Unsung Hero Amanda Quangvan - Reagan Oudoor Adv
  Morgan Kemper - Reagan Outdoor Adv
  Sarah Teeter - Reagan Outdoor Adv







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